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Ganja Farmer is a farming game where players can harvest weed, mushrooms, bake spacecake and distill liquor. The design will be based on cartoons and caricatures of the typical weed smoking stereotypes. Players will be able to purchase premium fertilizer and other materials to help make their plants grow faster as well as their entire Ganja Farm.

The days of buying your weed from a sketchy dealer in a dark ally are over. Now you can harvest your Stuff directly from your phone!

Get the Game here for iPhone or Android

Ganja Farmer is a new game that allows you to create your own weed farm. It’s already released on Android and IOS release for Amazon and Windows is on the way. project leader of Ganja Farmer, says that the app is sometime in the second quarter of 2014.

Grow weed, bake spacecake and more!

During, and after the launch, the Ganja Farmer Team analyze user demand and add features based on the feedback provided by them, such as a Multi-Player function, idea’s for new products that can be added to your Ganja Farm and much, much more. Shortly after the public launch on Android, we developed for iOS.


Information for Unity developers!
We are looking for a senior Unity developer who loves Ganja Farmer and would like to work for us. For more information please send us you resume to contact.finalbossgames@gmail.com





  1. poisonivyy April 26, 2015

    Please how do I make scarves on the game?

  2. greenacres June 3, 2015

    Thanks for the latest update. But the Cake Boss achievement does not work.

  3. empressqayohera June 9, 2015

    Fun game I just don’t know how to log into Facebook with it.

  4. kmalky88 June 13, 2015

    I’m having problems with the old version of this game with levelling up

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